Careful Planning for a Successful Future

Let our experienced staff help you chose the right Estate Plan for you and your family.  From initial consultation to Estate Administration, our team will work hard to make sure that your wishes and the wishes of your loved ones are given the respect that they deserve.

Contract Paper Signing

Wills and Powers of Attorney

The Right Tools for the Job

At Jordan Reilly & Associates, LLC we have been helping clients navigate these complex issues for years.  We can help you decide what documents you need and which ones you don't.  We will never pressure you or make you feel rushed.  Important decisions take time and thought.  We are here to help.

Trusts and Guardianships

Protecting Your Future

Whether you need a minor's trust, a life insurance trust, or a pass-through guardianship, we can help you ensure that the youngest members of your family will always be cared for the way they should be.  Its not always easy to know where these things might be needed.  With a brief consultation we can help you decide the best ways to protect your future.

Estate Administration

Let Us Do the Work

Whether you have just a few questions or need help with everything, our staff can help.  No question is too small.  We can find beneficiaries, calculate bequests, fill out and file the appropriate returns and paperwork.  We can take the guesswork out of the process and the burdens off your shoulders.

Use Our Initial Estate Planning Worksheet