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Professional Male
Tejas 2018

      Jordan was absolutely fantastic. A thorough professional with deep knowledge and understanding of the law. She was able to find solutions to all issues and worked really hard. Her advice and guidance was always in my best interest, rather than having a long drawn out legal process. I would highly recommend Jordan.

Portrait of a Confident Man
John 2018

             My wife was out to destroy me.  Jordan  not only made sure that that didn't happen, she made sure that our divorce was fair.  She made a difficult situation bearable with encouragement, good advice, and great incite into the unpleasant world of my wife's and her attorney's motivations. 

Smiling Business Woman
Margaret 2018

        I am soooo pleased that I found Jordan Reilly and her great staff. My confidence in her never wavered. I knew from the first meeting with her that she would do everything in her power to help get me through this divorce. The staff are wonderful, every phone call, e-mail, meeting, resulted in the answers to any questions I had. I highly recommend this firm.

Close up portrait of smiling handsome ma
Paolo 2015

                  When I first came in to meet Jordan I was out of my house on a PFA and had no contact with my children. Jordan fought like a tiger for me and my kids. Now I have primary custody, my house back, the PFA is over, I was found not guilty on all my exes' allegations, and MY EX IS PAYING ME SUPPORT!!! 

Portrait of a Beautiful Smiling Woman
Michelle 2016 

         Jordan was quiet but sharp in the courtroom. Her listening skills were amazing. I have never seen anything like it, and I have worked with many attorneys. She was professional, calm, but very effective in the courtroom. I am so happy that I chose Jordan. 

Eric 2017

     Jordan and her office have always returned my calls and are always accommodating. I would like to personally thank Jordan and her staff for helping me to move on and most importantly for helping get my child back into my life. 

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