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I'm executor of a will, how can you help me?

Why do I need a will?

What if I don't know how I want things divided?

A will is a very personal document and no two are truly alike just as no two people have the same assets or wishes.  Our job  is to help you craft a document that is legally binding, enforceable, and reflects your final wishes for your family and friends.

What if I don't want to make specific gifts?

What types of things can I put in my will?

Administration of a will can be quite complicated and mistakes can be very costly for everyone.  We can help you open the estate and the estate accounts.  We can help you investigate the assets and negotiate the debts.  We can draft and file the estate tax return for you.  We can do as much or as little as you need.

It is always important to put your final wishes in a will.  Why?  Because without one the State will take a larger share of your assets and the lack of a will can create difficulties for your next of kin.

We are here to help.  One of the things we will do is discuss your assets, your final wishes and your proposed beneficiaries and come up with different strategies that would work for you.  You don't need to have all the answers.  We know how daunting the process can be.

Wills and Estates

Your will can be as specific or general as you want.  Our goal in drafting a will for a client is to make sure that the client's wishes are preserved and that the people receiving under the will are not over-burdened with taxes or red-tape.

There are a number of estate documents to consider when speaking with an attorney. 

The living will: which spells out what, if any, extraordinary measures you want taken on your behalf by medical staff and where your draw the line. 

The Power of Attorney for Healthcare: which appoints someone to make decisions for you regarding your medical treatment if and when you are unable to make them for yourself.

The power of Attorney: a financial power of attorney lets the person you appoint make financial decisions for you either permanently or in the case that you become incapacitated.  We can discuss which if any authorities you would want to entrust to a third party and how.

What other documents should I consider?

Planning for the future is never easy and something we all put off but our team has the skills and expertise to help guide you through this difficult process.   The first step in the discussion is deciding what documents you need or want for your estate.