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With over 20 years of experience, Michele is ready to help our clients with whatever issues they may face.  Michele is familiar with all of our clients and their cases and is always ready to assist clients with any questions that may come up.  She has extensive legal knowledge and experience with research, drafting, and filing of pleadings in all areas of law.  Her quiet competence and sunny disposition make her a wonderful addition to our staff.  

Julie Lathia, Esquire

Civil Attorney

Of Counsel

Julie studied law at Temple University, where she attained her Juris Doctor in 2008.  Since her admission to the bar, she has striven to build her own firm and has made a name for herself as a strong litigator and negotiator.  Julie has handled all of the firm's civil litigation for the last three years and we are proud to welcome her to the firm.  She has the skills to handle whatever issues her clients confront.  Julie's goal with each client is to create an environment where you can share your concerns, explain your goals, and not feel any pressure to take a path with which you don’t feel comfortable.   For more information visit

Jordan Reilly, a Graduate of the University of Pittsburgh School of Law, began Jordan Reilly & Associates, LLC in 2012.  After years working in Mass Toxic Tort Litigation and several years as a partner in a General practice, Jordan hoped that, in opening her own firm, she would be better able to serve her clients and her community.  As a single mother of two she has a deep understanding for the plight of her family law clients, and as a former teacher and GED proctor at Delaware County Prison she has had first-hand knowledge of the life and plight of those caught in the criminal justice system.  Jordan donates her time doing pro bono and reduced fee legal work for the Crime Victims Law Project, the Women's Resource Counsel, Legal Aid and numerous other worthwhile organizations. 

Jordan Kelleher Reilly, Esquire

Divorce, Family, and Estate Attorney


Michele Kiesel.

FOUNDER - Top Attorney for 2014,  2015, and 2016

Alice Buggy Miller, Esquire

Family and Estate Attorney

Of Counsel

Alice has been an asset to our firm for several years now.  Alice works as a Parent Solicitor for Delaware County Children and Youth Services cases.  She also handles Personal Injury, Criminal, and Family Law cases both as an Associate with Pressman and Doyle and as an Of Counsel Attorney with Jordan Reilly and Associates.  Alice's background in psychology makes her ideally suited to handle the emotionally charged world of family litigation.  She is a tireless advocate for her clients and she embodies the commitment to excellence and ethics in practice which is the foundation of our firm.