Custody Myths and Misconceptions

Custody litigation can be stressful, and there's a lot of misinformation in popular media surrounding child custody law. I wrote this article to give parents a better idea of what lies ahead and clear up some misconceptions, like: Mothers will always get primary custody of young children. The fact is that the Courts favor a 50/50 custody schedule as much as possible. Parents begin each case on an equal playing field. The Court then evaluates the different factors favoring one parent over another to decide what the percentage of custody of each parent should be. The best interests of the child or children are always the most important consideration. The things that will really shift the

Frequently Asked Will Questions

Frequently Asked Will and Estate Questions Q. What happens if I die without a will? A. If you fail to plan your estate and die without a will, the law will create an estate plan for you. The results may not reflect what you would have chosen. That law is set up to determine who will get a share of your estate and how much each person's share will be. Those shares are set in stone. It doesn't matter who helped you when you needed it and who wouldn't return your phone calls. In addition, if you have children under 18 at the time of your death a costly and complicated guardianship will need to be set up. The problems of dying without a will are aggravated if a married couple owns a family b


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