When I first came to Jordan Reilly I was out of my house on a PFA and had no contact with my children. I thought everything was hopeless. Jordan fought like a tiger for me and my kids. She worked with me when I was broke and never turned me away. Now I have primary custody, my house back, the PFA is over, I was found not guilty on all my exes' allegations, and MY EX IS PAYING ME SUPPORT!!! Her understanding of criminal and family law makes her the perfect attorney!!! She saved me. My kids and I are thankful every day for Jordan Reilly!
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When planning for your future and the futures of your family you need advice from professionals you can trust.  Our attorney's will make sure you are protected, whatever the future brings.

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       Quiet "beast" in the courtroom - I was referred to Jordan by another attorney. I was facing so much. As Jordan described it, "A nightmare." There were so many false allegations being said about me that could have affected many people and things in my life. When I met with her, she was so nice and took time to listen to my long story even though it was after hours.   Jordan was quiet but sharp in the courtroom. Her listening skills were amazing. I have never seen anything like it, and I have worked with many attorneys. She was professional, calm, but very effective in the courtroom. I am so happy that I chose Jordan.

Ms. Reilly is bright and gets a handle on the situation quickly. She told me what to expect and how the situation could be handled. Ms. Reilly is honest, courteous and keeps you apprised of what is going on promptly. "